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DAVID S. HAGER first came to Los Angeles in 1990.  He came as an actor and stayed full time a few years later.  The first couple of trips were just scouting trips.

His screen name is DAVE HAGER and his resume on IMDb.com.  The resume is not unimpressive as he has worked with many A-list Directors.  

However, like all new to town actors, he worked in many positions to keep a cash flow coming.  Even after his biggest break, DOUBLE JEOPARDY, he continued to work on weekends at the Marina del Rey Hotel as a night auditor.  

He met a retired detective from LAPD who was working cold cases and doing contract security for private parties and film sets.  They became friends.  Hager told him of his desire to write a book about the Black Dahlia.  

The detective waved him off.  “That case is solved unofficially.  The Avenger book was accurate.  What you need to do is write one about the case everyone is afraid of.”  Hager was eager to hear more.  The detective gave him basic information on the case and told him to do his research on that.  

Hager wanted more, but the detective declined.  “If you’re any good, you’ll figure it out.  Then you’ll know why everyone is afraid to touch it.”

Hager began his searches through old newspapers and archives.  Being in Los Angeles made that easier.  The internet proved a very valuable tool also.  Gradually the fog of murder cases lifted, and the story revealed itself.  

Hager met the cop for lunch and went over the story.  He asked if he was correct.  The old officer looked over his notes and smiled.  “Change the names.”  He handed the notes back to the writer.


Since then, Hager has written two other books, based on actual events and murders.  All were fictionalized.  Why fictionalized?  Hager asked the old detective that at lunch.

“You change the name to protect the author.”

The old fellow died of a stroke a few months later and was cremated.  Hager was in attendance.  Only a couple of other retired cops were at the service.


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 I have a wonderful group of readers who are very loyal.  We all tend to be fans of Film Noir and TCM, Turner Classic Movies.  


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